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Business Consulting for Banks and Insurance

UFD’s advisors are former senior business and IT executives who understand both the business and how to leverage core and emerging technologies and align employee talent. They have years of experience in identifying business needs and determining solutions to business problems, including systems development, process improvement, organizational change or strategic planning and policy development.

Our main focus is

  • Merge of Business and Technology
    UFD’s combined business and technology expertise covers the complexity of the financial industry and big corporates.
  • Compliance Implementation and Management
    Compliance with new regulations (Basel III, FATCA, MIFiD etc.) requires financial industry to execute enterprise-wide changes across the organization.
  • Risk Management
    UFD advises its customers to identify and to understand their business risks and areas of improvement.
  • IT Infrastructur
    UFD advises its customers how to align and integrate their IT Infrastructure and facilities into its business architecture.
  • Handling Big Data
    UFD advises how to leverage varied data sources and large data volumes to keep its customers ahead of their competition.

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Detlef Felser
Business: +41 61 271 65 50

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