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IT-specialists on demand

Since many years we recruit and supply the enterprises with IT specialists. UFD has the role as an intermediary and does the reconciliation of interests between the requirements ant the offerings.

Our own experience and engagement in the IT helps us to comprehend your needs and requirements, and our network enables us to react in a quick, precise and reliable way.

We support different models to supply an enterprise with an external IT specialist, i.e.

  • UFD employs an IT specialist of interest for an enterprise and concludes a labour supply contract with that enterprise
  • UFD acts as accounting partner between the enterprise and the external IT specialist and concludes a labour supply contract with both sides
  • UFD acts as subcontractor between the enterprise to be supplied with an external IT specialist, and the enterprise the IT specialist is an internal or external employee of

Please do not hesitate to phone us to discuss your requirements.


Detlef Felser
Business: +41 61 271 65 50

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