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EasyXCF (for z/OS)

Control and Administration Facility for Parallel Sysplex Environments

The purpose of EasyXCF is to better control and administer a Parallel Sysplex environment with data sharing.

Summary of features:

  • Maps a complete or specific part of a Parallel Sysplex environment, such as a DB2 sharing group on a TSO/ISPF screen
  • Allows zooming of components of the environment for additional details, for example from the overall structure layout down to policy definitions
  • Contains a command interface. EasyXCF provides TSO/ISPF dialogs for Parallel Sysplex related MVS commands and for specific DB2 and IRLM commands and allows to enter and execute any MVS, DB2 and IRLM command in a free form format
  • Provides command sequencing. EasyXCF allows, by starting a single command, to execute a series of preformatted IRLM and MVS commands
  • Provides a facility to import and export a series of commands from or to a dataset
  • Allows auditing. EasyXCF automatically logs all commands which alter the status of any Parallel Sysplex components


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