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DB2ICF (für DB2)

DB2 Integrity Control Facility

DB2ICF provides a TSO / ISPF interface to DB2 for the processing of DB2 commands and utility functions and for the generation of housekeeping batch jobs.
DB2ICF contains special functions for point-in-time recovery of DB2 objects.
DB2ICF supports grouping of DB2 objects for later processing.

Summary of features:

  • Simplifies and speeds up database recovery and repairs to reduce operational outages and delays
  • Allows generation of batch jobs, for utilities and service aids and batch generation of batch jobs for housekeeping
  • Contains disaster recovery aids, provides dataset definitions and recovery procedures for an entire DB2 system
  • Enables foreground execution of predefined DBA oriented queries, to allow quicker access to system information
  • Provides facility to reinstate, change and cleanup the DB2 work database which can be incorporated into housekeeping
  • Logs DB2 commands and utilities, and provides a log interface and search facility
  • Provides an interface for all commands, utilities and DB2 service aids


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