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DB2RCF (für DB2)

DB2 Resources Checking Facility

The missing link for the permanent availability monitoring and checking of z/OS DB2 database objects

Since several years DB2RCF allows UBS AG, the largest Bank in Switzerland, to successfully monitor and efficiently control the availability of its huge amount of mission critical DB2 tables in multiple and complex parallel sysplex data-sharing and SAP/R3 environments.

The main purpose of DB2RCF is to provide functions which allow to:

  • perform an online checking of the availability of specific DB2 tables
  • inform (users and/or applications) about unavailable DB2 tables and the reason of the unavailability
While periodically checking (e.g. every 5 min.) the DB2 tables availability, latent restrictions at tablespace and indexspace level (COPYP, RECP, CHKP,…) as well as lost connections (DDF/DRDA), stopped utilities etc. will be detected additionally.


Stephan Grünig
Tel. Business: +41 61 271 65 50

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